Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Continued Work, but New: "Save Yourself: Relay"

The beginning of this month in October I headed to NCY to present a new project, which was actually a continuation of a body of artwork I developed during my graduate studies called "Save Yourself." I was invited to participate in a performance and installation festival called "Art in Odd Places," which is an annual event. This year it took place along 14th street in Manhattan, NY.
Over the course of the 3 days that I performed I learned a few things that were important. 1. If performing for consecutive days, have more than one set of cloths for costume 2. Each performers location requires a slightly different set of movements 3. Each performance gives you different gifts 4. Starbucks are great dressing rooms 5. Remember to eat before a performance and drink lots of water 6. Improvisation is a life saver 7. Performing with other artists around is fun 8. Meeting other like-minded performers / artists is great! 9. Make a rain-day plan 10.When in doubt, just put on the costume and wait for the performer within to kick in

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